Why Rum? Why “Wild Wench?”

The idea formed while working as an ICU RN, during two years of pandemic hell. I found myself reminiscing about my past island adventures, perhaps to get my mind off all the trauma. Rum has always been a fascination, inspired by a respectable personal collection from all over the world. There is such allure! The taste, the history, the exotic components… and pirates! What’s not to love?

My personal escapism led to research, which led to… what else? Female pirates! And that is where our inspiration comes from…Charlotte de Berry. She had a spirit as strong as our nurses, both women and men, on hospital floors across the country. We hope you love our rum as much as we do!

Morgan Burns

Shaping her life, Morgan wore leg braces until she was two, leg splints until ten. She went on to break a world record in cycling. As a triathlete she was struck by a car and spent a year learning to walk again following a spinal injury. She was racing in the Yukon 9 months later.

Notable skill sets- Can build you a snow cave with candle niches that won’t melt, rescue you from a crevice, teach you to swim, save you from drowning. Once won a stare down with a lynx in the frozen Alaskan tundra and commanded control of a runaway camel in Cairo. All the mastery needed to forge you an iron gate, will install your trailer hitch too. Able to hold 12 beer mugs in one hand.


Charlotte’s life as a future swashbuckling pirate began as an English servant girl, {or wench as they were called at that time}, at a local inn. Listening to the pirate’s lively tales of their wild and free exploits on the high seas, Charlotte passed food and drink while becoming restless.

Not realizing how those tales would play a part in her life, Charlotte fell in love and married a sailor while suffering heavy parent disapproval. As a newlywed, Charlotte disguised herself as a man to gain passage on the ship with her husband. The captain of the ship soon discovered the charade and became infatuated with her. Accusing Charlotte’s husband of mutiny, the captain ordered him flogged and thrown overboard. Not to be captive, Charlotte convinced the crew to mutiny and took command of the ship. Her bold and untamed spirit meshed perfectly leading her to a pirate’s life of freedom, exploration, and adventures on the high seas.

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